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This is the Federal Law Notice of the BAVKA MU WebSite(s)/GameServer(s)/And any type of Service(s)!

Because BAVKA MU is hosted in The Most Corrupted Country in the European Union (According to reports from the European Union to Bulgaria, disseminated through the media),

We are obliged to state the following from a factual legal point of view of the law:

All Donations, taked by our Players, are only with a quest to keep our-services online, and to paid all what costs to make them, maintance them and keep them online, and to advertise our services .

Because of a Law who the Server(s) Owner seyed from the TV Before a years, That EveryOne who get paid regularly from a internet gotta make a her own Company .... When(IF) SomeTime we Start making a Profit from our Service(s) regularly, we will think about that :) For Now we can't paid for the servers host from the donations, so its funny someone if want to judge us for that we making money regularly, But We Maked our Servers for Fame and Honor so our players gotta be sure we will stay Online long as can be (till we been hacked ^_^), BAVKA MU Servers are Long-Term Project! :)

BAVKA MU is a Free-To-Play Server, so we hope some of our Players to donate, to help us with a part of the money who needs to the server/website(service)/hosting keep alive.

BAVKA MU CS 1.6 is a Part of the BAVKA MU Gaming NetWork.

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