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There You Can Find Some Commands, Who You can use in Your CS 1.6 Console.

"cl_righthand 1" - Change The Hand with Who You Hold The Weapon to The Right Hand.
"cl_showfps 1" - Shows the FPS of The Game.
"fps_max 100" - Set the MAX FPS of 100 in The Game.
"drawradar" - Shows Radar.
"hideradar" - Hides Radar.
"record BAVKA" - Records a Demo of the Player with a NickName "BAVKA".
"stop" - Stop Recording of the Demo.
"playdemo BAVKA" - Play the Demo of the Player with the NickName BAVKA.
"setinfo _pw 123456" - Enter Your Password )"123456" For Example), When Your NickName is VIP.

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