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We Created the CS.BAVKAMU.COM CS 1.6 Servers Because We Want to Provide a Great-Quality Server with a Not a Lot of Plugins and a Clean and WithOut-LAG GamePlay! We Have a 2 CS 1.6 Servers for our Players, The One of who are on De_Dust2 Only and the other one is on CS_DeathMatch(/CS_DeathMatch-final) Only!

The Story of BAVKA MU Gaming Network:

The First MU Online Server who the BAVKA MU's Admin Starts was before 9 Years - in 2012. Their Have a 150+ ONLINE Players on the Same Time and 100+ New Accounts Per Day.

9 Years Latter, After Investing a 2 Years making Best MU Online 97d Gaming Server. the Admin of BAVKA MU, Launchs BAVKA MU Easy ( on 05.08.2021, A Little After that on 03.09.2021, We Launch our Secound MU Online Server - BAVKA MU Hard (

Because the BAVKA MU Admin's Invest a Lot of Time, Energy and Love to make a MU Online Server(s) in who can be HAPPY to Play There, Again a Little after that On 21.09.2021 The Admin's Start a TO Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers (Dust2 Only and CS_DeathMatch Only) on who will be happy to play Too. So it Called Him: CS.BAVKAMU.COM (

And on 23.09.2021 Because since then We Are a Small-Gaming-NetWork(/Empire ^_^) The Admin Make a Small Servers-Intro Page Called: BAVKA MU NetWork (

We Will no Make More Game Servers on Another Versions/Games for Now.(In Future - Only One God's Know :D ). Because My Aim is to Provide for You(The Players) Best Gaming Servers not Only a Gaming Servers, I mean - I make the MU Online Game Client (Who Uses BAVKA MU Easy and BAVKA MU Hard) More than a Year and for that i Release a Great MU Online 97d Servers, I Dont want to Make a Only Servers with the original files and client and bla bla... the BAVKA MU CS's Server are the only Servers with i Run with no big modifications - Because i want a Clean of Plugins Servers - The Classics Servers (I dont see servers like that now ! for that i run this Servers) - I mean All of CS 1.6 Servers are FULL OF Plugins and a things ... You know but all MU Servers are with a simple clean Client - Without any skins moddiications, what to say about opengel32 Effects on a 97d ... SO ENJOY A BEST FREE-TO-PLAY Servers and Please Vote for us Every Day and Invite Your Friends to Play There Together with you if you want ofcourse! Good Luck and Have Fun! :)

On 16.10.2021 We Run our 3rd and Last MU Server on the Version 97d Again - BAVKA MU Medium - :) .. Also we Make a New items, who are for sell in Shop (NPC) at lorencia bar, and can be dropped by BOX OF KUNDUNS! and aren't for sell in our WebShop!

On 12.11.2021 We Start the BAVKA MU Forum(s) -, In The Forum, For Example, You can Post BUY or SELL ITEM(s) Topic's!

BAVKA MU CS 1.6 is a Part of the BAVKA MU Gaming NetWork.

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Wellcome to BAVKA MU Counter-Strike 1.6 WebSite! Thanks You For Choosing To Play in OUR Servers! OUR Servers is Online: 24/7! So Join NOW And Invite Your Friends To Play Toggether With You! Also You Can Help us A Lot, By Voting for US! (Every Day on ALL Tops Please!)
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