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1. General Termes of Use
1.1 The Owner of the Server, WebSite and the Forum, Have Reserve him Right - to Edit The Terms of Use when he wants, without any notice, and you must read him from time-to time!
1.2 The Owner Have Reserve him Right - To Change the configuration/give or remove vip players without any reason and notice!
1.3 The Owner Have Reserve him Right - To not give money back from donates by any reason!
1.4 The Owner Have Reserve him Right - To modificate the Game/ Forum/WebSite as he Wants without any Reason and Notice and He Do not mean any responsabilty from the use of them!

2. GamePlay Terms of Use
2.1 The Players CAN'T Use a CHEAT/HACK!
2.2 The Players CAN'T Use a Bad Words Language!
2.3 The Players CAN'T say "I am admin" if they aren'T!
2.4 The Players CAN'T say in the chat or in their names a Server IP's or a WebSites!

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